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Monday, 10 August 2015

Ubuntu Software Center No Longer Supports DEB Files

Monday, August 10, 2015:  Though some of the developers might think about an upgrade for Ubuntu, the future of the software center remains uncertain, Ubuntu makes use of DEB files which is no longer taken as a feasible way of providing updates through the Ubuntu Software Center.Software Center , Ubuntu 15.04, the Ubuntu Software Center, Ubuntu makes use of DEB files

However, Canonical seems to be unaware of this fact. Even if it knows, the UK based firm is not willing to share the details regarding the software center. Meanwhile, projects like Ubuntu MATE are no longer relying on the Ubuntu Software Center.

Canonical also forgot to share that now developers with their applications in the Ubuntu Software Center cannot offer updates for latest Ubuntu version, which means that you won't be able to find dmmedia converter in the Software Center if you work on Ubuntu 15.04.

"Unfortunately, we haven't fixed your problem because as it stands we can't afford to. The DEB based store has continued to be a huge problem over time and in fact it has been increasingly expensive to keep running. As it stands today, we won't enable uploads to newer Ubuntu releases. It requires significant manual work that sometimes drags on for weeks. We all agree the current situation with deb based isn't one to be proud of, and I expect we'll announce a more definitive plan on its future soon," revealed Martin Albisetti.

While it is anticipated that Canonical wants to keep the DEB based Ubuntu, we wonder what would happen to the third party software which cannot be updated in the official store.

Anurima Mondal, EFYTIMES News Network 

Ubuntu Software Center No Longer Supports DEB Files:

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