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Monday, 24 November 2014

Ubuntu To Switch To Systemd In Ubuntu 15.04! - Azure.efytimes

Ubuntu To Switch To Systemd In Ubuntu 15.04! - Azure.efytimes:

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Ubuntu To Switch To Systemd In Ubuntu 15.04!

ubuntuMonday, November 24, 2014: Ubuntu is the latest Linux distro to replace Upstart with systemd. The upcoming Ubuntu 15.04 cycle will make systemd a default init manager. A few months later Debian’s announcement about adopting systemd, Canonical made an announcement in saying, Ubuntu will switch to systemd.
According to the discussions in Ubuntu community, system transition should be done before the launch of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Which means, Ubuntu 15.04 would be the first release with systemd init manager. The migration has never been an easy task. Ubuntu devs are working migration of systemd.
The compatibility of softwares is one of the major issues in case of such switching. Some bugs are needed to be fixed for the migration to happen successfully. AppArmor needs a fix, support for LXC container, crypt setup integration. Network enablement needs to be brought upPlyouth integration needs improvement, NFC is yet to be integrated, various packages need to be fixed to install on Ubuntu running systemd. In spite of all these pending work, Ubuntu devs said that we are ready to switch to systemd now.
Developers can test the beta version of working systemd on Ubuntu 14.10. Beta testers can add their own views about bugs or issues that need to be fixed on Ubuntu online summit session notes.


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