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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Top 8 Funny Linux Commands!

Top 8 Funny Linux Commands!:

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Linux isn't always about serious stuff, try these amusing Linux command to bring the funny side up of Linux.  
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Thursday, August 22, 2013:  The most powerful feature of Linux lies in its Command Line. But Terminal isn’t meant to be this serious always, you can also have fun using some funny and amusing command lines. If you aren't aware of these yet, here are some amusing commands that will bring up the funny side of Linux:

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1. moo

To install write

$ apt-get moo

This displays:

2. sl

The command is used to display files in a directory, but if you make a typo error and type sl instead you will be amused by an animated train running across your screen.

Install sl, run the command below:

$ sudo apt-get install sl

3. figlet

Figlet is used to display large characters created out of ordinary screen characters.

To install Figlet, run the command below:

$ sudo apt-get install figlet

After installation you can run $ figlet characters, hence running:

figlet EFYTimes


4. xcowsay

xcowsay displays a cute cow and a speech bubble.

Install xcowsay:

$ sudo apt-get install xcowsay

Running xcowsay I Love EFYTimes displays:

5. oneko

oneko brings a cute cat on you desktop to chase your mouse pointer everywhere it goes. The command also have other versions of bringing dog and other animals.

Install oneko:

$ sudo apt-get install oneko

Running oneko displays this cute cat:

6. xeyes

Xeyes brings eyes on your desktop that will spy on your mouse wherever it goes.

Just run:

$ xeyes

it brings:

7. rev

This command is for reversing any input. So if you put in “EFYTimes”, the output will be “semiTYFE”.

Just run


8. fortune

fortune brings a random sentence, just like the fortune cookies do. The command isn't always installed by default so you might need to install it. In Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install fortune

Run: fortune -s

Also you can combine this with the cowsay or xcowsay command to make it funnier by running:

fortune -s|xcowsay

Which will bring:

Atithya Amaresh, EFYTIMES News Network 


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