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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Need To Build An App Quickly? Here Are 10 Tools To Help!

Need To Build An App Quickly? Here Are 10 Tools To Help!:

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Need To Build An App Quickly? Here Are 10 Tools To Help!   
Whether it is the iPhone, iPad or Android-based systems, building an app quickly is an imperative for developers.  
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Saturday, March 29, 2014:  Developers often find themselves under insane deadlines to finish their apps. Whether you're your own boss or working under one, time is always an issue. This is where these apps come in. They help you create web or mobile applications quickly and efficiently.
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1. Alpha Anywhere

This tool can be used to build apps for building web-based applications, mobile appliacations for Android, Windows Phone and iOS and for S

2. App Press

This tool is suited for iPhone, iPad and Android developers who are looking for a no code, web based application.

3. AppArchitect

Use this one when you're developing for Apple's iPhone or iPad devices.


This is a web-based form builder that is well suited for enterprises.

5. iBuildApp

Templates for building apps are important. This tool provides Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) applications.

6. QuickBase

This platform for mobile web database and web application development has over 300 templates to offer.

7. Salesforce1

This is an useful tool for quickly building HTML5, Android and iOS applications and web applications.

8. ViziApps

This tool is a combination of visual designer and customisable sample apps along with code generation for mobile web, iOS and Android.

9. Mobile Chrome Development Kit

This is an Apache Cordova-based developer preview tool that targets iOS, Android and Chrome apps.

10. Appcelerator

This is an enterprise level mobile development tool that brings an IDE, SDK and back end cloud services to you.


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