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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Check_MK - Nagios at a new level

Check_MK - Screenshots:

Check_MK and the Check_MK Monitoring System

The Check_MK Project

Check_MK is a comprehensive addon for the famous Open Source monitoring software Nagios. You can integrate Check_MK into your existing Nagios/Icinga environment.

Check_MK simplifies the configuration and makes monitoring with Nagios much more efficient.

Check_MK is 100% Open Source and available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

The Check_MK Monitoring System

The Check_MK Monitoring System is a complete IT monitoring solution. It's based on Check_MK, Nagios and many other modules. It is optimized for enterprise usage.

You get access to the Check_MK Monitoring System via a subscription, optionally including professional support. Also available are real and virtual Appliances.
There are three different ways of how to use Check_MK:
  1. Manual installation: you integrate Check_MK into an existing Nagios- or Icinga environment. This is done with a setup script contained in the source codes of Check_MK. You are responsible for the correct integration of all components.
  2. Utilisation of the RPM/DEB-packages of the Check_MK Monitoring Systems which we make available under asubscription.
  3. You use the The Check_MK Appliance - either in its 19-inch rack version (Check_MK rack1), with DIN rail mount (Check_MK rail1) or as a virtual appliance (Check_MK virt1).
Installation and update1. Manual

2. Subscription Packages3. Check_MK

Complete installation via DEB/RPM,

no third-party software required
Native package for all supported Linux-DistributionsX/
Simple software update of all components (including rollback)XX
Internationally-standardised software platformXX
Multiple Monitoring-Instances on a single serverXX
Multiple versions installed in parallelXX
Integrated graphing (PNP4Nagios, NagVis)XX
Linux-Knowledge requiredcomprehensivelittlenone
Typical total installation time

(excluding operating system)
2-5 days15 Minutes/
Additional features1. Manual

2. Subscription Packages3. Check_MK

High performance and low latency via Check_MK Micro CoreXX
Performanceboost for SNMP based checks by 100%XX
Livestatus-Proxy: optimal response times and stability in distributed setupsXX
Integrated connection to the graphing tool GraphiteXX
User Interface optionally in GermanXX
Operating system administration via Web-GUI (incl. updates)X
Maintenance of versions and instances via Web-GUIX
Support1. Manual

2. Subscription Packages3. Check_MK

Community-support via mailing lists and/or ForumsXXX
Professional support by the developerXX
Customer-tailored software extensions possible in the official versionXX
Pricesfreefrom 600,- €from 900,- €

Screenshots - The Check_MK Status GUI


The login dialog, new sites are created with the useromdadmin and the password omd.
The Main Dashboard

Dashboards combine several elements into one view. The dynamic layout algorithm automatically adapts the dashbaord to all possible screen sizes and formats.
Current Problems

The default problems view displays all or just the unhandled problems, grouped by their state. Views can be customized.
Service Details

All details about one service
Flexible Filtering

Views offer flexible filtering mechanism for hosts and services
List of Services

This screenshot shows the list of services of a host. Performance values are graphically visualized.
Example: Search for CPU serives

A simple search for CPU in the Quicksearch snapin shows all relevant CPU services. This allows an easy comparison of the current performance of verious hosts.
Network Topology

By use of the integrated NagVis, network dependencies are visualized automatically.
Multicolumn Views

Views can make use of large screens by displaying multiple columns of data instead of just one.
Executing Commands

All Monitoring commands can be issued not only on a single object, but also on several at once.
Customizable Views

All views can be customized. You can define your own filters, columns, grouping, layout and other aspects.
Business Intelligence

The BI Module allows you to compute the state of an application or a business process by combining thestate of hosts and services, while taking redundancies into account.
Performance Historization

All performance values are kept for several years. This allows not only a conveniant error diagnosis but also capacity planning.
Networking Performance

A detailed statistics of all packets, bytes and errors are stored separately for each switch port and each network device of a server
Alert statistics

This builtin view shows report of the most frequent problems among all hosts and services. The time frame for this is selectable by the user.
Customizable Sidebar

Each user can have his or her individual sidebar. Many snapins are available.
History of Events

This example shows the global history of events.
Availability Monitoring

From the historic states you can compute an availability for each host, service or BI aggregation.

This shows the time line of a services with respect to its historic states and availability.
NagVis Integration

The graphing tool NagVis is seamlessly integrated into the Check_MK GUI. A dedicated Snapin gives quick access to all maps.
Event Console

The Event Console processes messages from syslog, SNMP traps, Windows event logs or text files. Via flexible rules you can specify how to handle each event.
Monitoring of VMWare ESX

Check_MK has its own plugin for monitoring VMWare ESX via vSphere. You can either connect to the host systems or to the vCenter.

Screenshots - The Configuration GUI (WATO)

WATO - Main Menu

WATO is the Web Administration Tool for Check_MK. The complete monitoring system can be configured via the Web. For experienced users an administration via config files is also possible.
Hosts and Folders

The monitored hosts are organized in Folders. Attributes can be configured on a folder-level and inherited to the hosts.
Details of one Host

Each attribute can either be set explicitely or is inherited by one of its parents folders. That way most stettings are chosen correctly just be adding a host to the correct folder.
Global settings

This screens shows some of the global settings.
Rule based configuration

The configuration of host- and service-parameters is based on rules like "Use a warning level of 90% on all filesystems on productive Linux systems that begin with/oracle."
Check parameters

The check plugins that come with Check_MK can be configured with full GUI support. Every parameter is validated and a help text is available.
User, Contactgroups aand Roles

All users and permissions are configured via WATO.

Check_MK allows to connect to an existing LDAP user database (like Active Directory).
Roles and Permissions

Via configurable roles you can specify which user should be able to perform which actions.

Custom timeperiod definitions allow to restrict checks or notifications to certain times.

In the current version also the BI aggregations can be configured via WATO.
Logfile patterns

The pattern editor for the intergrated logfile monitoring
Distributed Setup

Check_MK allows to build one centrally administered large monitoring system by connecting several remote Check_MK instances. No monitoring data needs to be centralized. This saves network bandwidth and scales well.

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  1. I am using BI - Business Intelligence of check_mk but after adding rules its gone into False state. can you please let us know why this is happening.


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