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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

15 Online Courses To Make You An Android App Developer

15 Online Courses To Make You An Android App Developer:

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15 Online Courses To Make You An Android App Developer   
EFYTimes takes a look at 15 courses that will help you develop apps online.  
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013:  The Android platform has over 70 per cent of the developer community working for it at present. If you interested in developing an app for the Android ecosystem, you might just be interested in these tutorials, which are free. EFYTimes takes a look at 15 such courses:

1. Android Programming Video Tutorials for beginners in English: This has over two hours of video lectures and is an awesome way to learn coding techniques.
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2. Android Game Programming tutorials: These tutorials are meant for those that are interested in creating games for the Android. At about an hour and a half in total, you can zip through it without too much of a commitment.

3. Mastering Android Programming: This a comprehensive set of lectures that span over 15 hours of video lectures. The course claims that it has a proven teaching methodology behind it, and is designed to get coders to write multiple programmes and applications.

4. Android Application Development Tutorials from ‘The New Boston’: This course is made up of a massive 200 video lectures that cover everything a learner needs need from installing the JAVA SDK all the way to putting your app on the market.

5. Google IO session videos: This is part of the annual developer’s conference held by Google in San Francisco. The range of topics varies widely but is very high quality and cutting edge. The seminars are not to be missed.

6. Android Developers YouTube channel: This channel has a lot of overlap with other YouTube tutorials but has a lot of great stuff besides.

7. How to Prototype Web and Mobile Apps in 30 Minutes: This is a course on prototyping your app using Apple Keynote or MS Powerpoint + Keynotopia User Interface Libraries.”

8. Mobile Technology and Research by GVSU School of computing and Information Systems: This is a 2010 course given by instructors Hans Dulimarta and Jonathan Engelsma from Grand Valley State University. The only problem is that it works under the assumption that the learner has a working knowledge of JAVA, and will guide you through building an Android Twitter client app as a demonstration.

9. Coresrvelets Android Programming Tutorials: This is is mainly based on documents (PDFs and sample codee files) rather than video lectures.

10. Android Tutorials: For Apps & Game Development: These are again video lectures designed for the absolute beginner.

11. Android Tutorials: This is a very well thought-out course that one can read rather than watch as video lectures or podcasts.

12. Introduction to Mobile Application Development. Fall 2010, Cornell University: The course from Ivy League Cornell University gives you access to lectures in PDF formats.

13. Developers.Android.Com’s Android Training: The site is brilliant and has a tremendous resource on everything related to Android development.

14. Marakana Android Bootcamp Series 2012 Video Tutorials: Marakana holds a series of paid courses on all sorts of technology related topics in a number of US cities. The Bootcamp video tutorials series are free and are well worth watching.

15. Marakana AnDevCon Screencast series (“Android for Java Developers”): Good stuff, eastern European accent or not


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