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Monday, 13 January 2014

3. Creating a Linux Mint Power Server - Hugo (Lotus Notes) and Domino

Install I-B-M Hugo aka Lotus Notes on a 64 bit system

Please refer to this page - Here are the quick steps though.

As Hugo is (mostly) 32 bit with some 16 bit parts and even 8 bits (cough cough) and will always be 32 bit you have to Frankenstein your system to make it work.

Install the ia32 runtime libraries for the ia32/i386 architecture

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Install some additional files

sudo apt-get install libgnomeprintui2.2-0 ttf-xfree86-nonfree t1-xfree86-nonfree

Now install the required 32 bit libraries

    sudo getlibs -p libgnomeprintui2.2-0 libgnomeprint2.2-0 libgnomevfs2-0 libgnomeui-0 libxkbfile1 libstartup-notification0 libsepol1 libselinux1 libgsf-1-114 libgsf-1-dev librsvg2-2 librsvg2-common libavahi-client3 libavahi-common3 libavahi-glib1 libbonoboui2-0 libcroco3 libdbus-1-3 libdbus-glib-1-2 libgnome2-0 libgnomecanvas2-0 libgnome-keyring0 libgnome-menu2 libesd0 gtk2-engines libgnome-desktop-2-17 libmotif4 libavahi-glib1 gtk2-engines-oxygen gtk2-engines-qtcurve gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-equinox alsa-base alsa-utils iproute libgnome-desktop-3-2 liborbit2 libbonobo2-0 libgconf2-4 libx11-6 libxt6 libc6 libgcc1 libgtk2.0-0 libxkbfile1 libglib2.0-0 libstdc++6 bash libart-2.0-2 libpopt0 libgnomeui-0 libmotif3 libgnome-desktop-3-0 gtk2-engines-aurora libxext6 libgnome2-common gnome-keyring

    Alter the dependency control file - here be dragons. Check the previous post.

    Install Hugo

    sudo dpkg -i ibm-notes-9.0.i586.deb
    sudo dpkg -i ibm-activities-9.0.i586.deb
    sudo dpkg -i ibm-cae-9.0.i586.deb
    sudo dpkg -i ibm-feedreader-9.0.i586.deb
    sudo dpkg -i ibm-opensocial-9.0.i586.deb
    sudo dpkg -i ibm-sametime-9.0.i586.deb

    Do the Attachments fix and symbolic links.

    Install some additional files

    sudo apt-get install git libgtk2.0-dev g++-multilib

    sudo apt-get install xterm


    Install Domino 9 - the most unappreciated software ever.

    Domino is a formidable application server that is very underrated and severely misunderstood.

    Using multiple disks - Mount options 

    By default the binaries are installed into /OPT. This is not really an issue.

    Domino databases can grow rapidly and you can manage space using .dir links. These links are basically softlinks pointing elsewhere on the file  system and even via the network.

    Another option is to mount a second disk in the /mnt directory and then create a softlink on the root file system. With this option the Domino installer will install Domino on a separate drive for performance and capacity and backup and recovery and to keep consistency.

    Here is how you could do this.

    1. List the disk by UUID:

    ls /dev/disk/by-uuid -alh

    2. Making changes to fstab (use /mnt for fixed disks and /media for removable)

    UUID=2ab5250a-f16d-4f84-8ef9-e36b1b04cd3d  /mnt/ADD-DOMINO     ext4  defaults           0  1
    UUID=1E52A0D752A0B4C5                      /mnt/2TBBackup  ntfs  defaults           0  1

    Save the changes you have made an issue this command.

    mount -all

    3. Create the softlink

    ln -s /mnt/ADD-DOMINO/notesrv /

    There will now be a directory in the / (root) drive called notesrv that is pointing to your physical directory.

    Create the users.

    sudo useradd -d /notesrv/data1 notes1
    sudo useradd -d /notesrv/data2 notes2
    sudo useradd -d /notesrv/data3 notes3
    sudo useradd -d /notesrv/data4 notes4
    sudo mkdir /notesrv
    sudo mkdir /notesrv/data1
    sudo mkdir /notesrv/data2
    sudo mkdir /notesrv/data3
    sudo mkdir /notesrv/data4
    sudo chown notes1: /notesrv/data1
    sudo chown notes2: /notesrv/data2
    sudo chown notes3: /notesrv/data3
    sudo chown notes4: /notesrv/data4
    sudo passwd notes1
    sudo passwd notes2
    sudo passwd notes3
    sudo passwd notes4

    Don't forget these users will be in the sh shell. I prefer the bash shell so change it if required.
    Tip: install gnome system tools for a better userid / group admin gui.
    sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools

    Install Domino

    # ./install

    IBM Domino for Unix Install Program


            Domino does not support this system:



    Unsupported OS Linux

    Who cares?  - I-BM support sucks anyway.

    Your DISPLAY is currently set to  :0
    Answer Yes to continue in graphic mode
    Answer No to continue in console mode
    Answer Exit to exit application.
    Do you wish to continue in graphic mode?[Yes]

    IBM Domino Social Edition will be installed in the following location:          Program Files:        /opt/ibm/domino         Total Partitions:          4         Data Files:                Partition 1 :   /notesrv/data1                                               notes1/notes1                Partition 2 :   /notesrv/data2                                               notes2/notes2                Partition 3 :   /notesrv/data3                                               notes3/notes3                Partition 4 :   /notesrv/data4                                               notes4/notes4          Domino Kit Type:    CustomServer          Unix Install Options:                 Install Data Only: No with the following features:
    Program Files    Billing Support    Clustering Support Data Files    Required Templates    Administration Templates    Optional Templates    Certificate Management    Readme File    Dojo    XPages Domino Enterprise Connection Services Domino Offline Services IBM iNotes    Web Services Data Files Resource Modeling Engine Help
    for a total size:
    1419.5 MB

    Setting up Domino

    cd /notesrv/data1
    /opt/ibm/lotus/bin/server -listen

    Creating a password for Domino if required.

    $ sudo touch /notesrv/data1/.domino.pwd
    $ sudo chown notes1:notes1 /notesrv/data1/.domino.pwd
    $ sudo chmod 400 /notesrv/data1/.domino.pwd

    This concludes - Creating a Linux Mint Power Server - 3 - Hugo (Lotus Notes) and Domino

    You now have Notes and Domino ready.


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