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Monday, 10 June 2013

I have no idea how I did this but Notes 9 Admin is running in Wine on Mint 15.

I did a few test installs this morning using Crossover office and Wine 1.5 and always got the same daft result. Typical IBM annoyances.

Install error: 'CWPPR0025E: An unexpected error occurred while processing the provisioning manifest'

I could not get past this with Notes 9 or 8.5.4.

I did have a version of 8.5.2 running in Wine that Mat and I figured out a few years ago but I actually forgot about it. I mean, who uses Notes these days? Apart from IBMers for Mail only as all corporate applications has been stripped away to webshperrre or something. I will just call it a black hole for convenience.

Then as by magic, after a restart some icons appeared!

I clicked on them on Tah Dah!

No Idea what happened but hey, it seems to work. I need Administrator for now to setup a new domain so this will do.

Yep, Notes 9 or is that 8.5.5?

Notes is definitely running, for now.


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