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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to create a clean install of Linux Mint 15 Olivia and keep your settings (mostly) intact. Part 2.

Now the fun starts.

Create a connection to your source server

You CAN use SMB but why not just use SSH?

Here is how.

Start the file manager icon. Then File --> Connect to server.

Enter the IP Address of the source server and credentials.

Done! No faffing with mapping linux names to SMB names etc etc and twice as fast.

Now press CTL + H. this will show the hidden directories. I start by bringing over the directories I know will not interfere with my system. This is tricky. My suggestion is to start with applications you know and bring them first. Don't copy directories such as .pulse etc.

This method is very clean and will get rid of any misconfiguration you may have had in the previous system. The alternative is to simply copy the home directory and then run the upgrade.

There is one application that needs to be done first of course and that is chromium.

Copy Chrome and Firefox from the source to the target.

Chromium has two hidden directories and if you copy both across you will have a seamless experience.

Copy the following directories (alter wehere appropriate of course):
I usually rename .config/chromium to .config/chromiumvirgin first. However, if you delete the directory then Chrome will simply recreate it so it is not really required.

Now for Firefox and Opera if required.


Reinstalling an application

If you have copied a config such as skype across and the previous version was 4.1 and the current version is 4.2 then you can just use synaptic to reinstall it.

Copy some of your customisations


More to follow...


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