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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Backup Domino using rsync but exclude directories

The magic of Rsync.

Upgrading Domino is easy but sometimes the process goes wrong.

When it does how do you recover?

The best method on any platform is to make a copy of the program directories and exclude the user directories such as mail. In Linux you can use the following:

rsync -avz --exclude-from 'exclude-list.txt' source/ destination/

create a file called exclude-list.txt in the working directory.
gedit exclude-list.txt &

then issue the command:

rsync -avz --exclude-from 'exclude-list.txt' /notesrv/notes1/ /notesrv/notes1bck/

This will now copy the contents to a backup directory.

Do not forget the /opt directories.

rsync -avz  /opt/ibm/lotus/ /opt/ibm/lotusbckp/

The upgrade never fails so no need to tell you how to restore :-)


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