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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

LMDA adventure - Nvidia drivers and Linux and Debian

So you are staring at flashing cursor.

Two minutes ago you had the most amazing Linux build. Everything was perfect.

Like a house of cards you messed with the foundations and now you have a problem. So do you try and recover or scrap the house and start again. This is quite normal for Linux users that mess around a lot.

I will try and put the important stuff at the top as with every other techy I only scan the first page. What's the worst that can happen?

BSOD. Black screen of death. The nightmare scenario!

Nvidia cards are everywhere. From my experience you are either a Nvidia boy or an ATI boy. Both have issues and nothing is easy in the world of Linus Torvaldus.

Nvidia provides propitiatory drivers with no source code. However, they have always looked after the Linux community and although they never make it easy you have to credit the fact that if your Linux machine goes into BSOD you are going learn something and boy are you going to learn about Linux. The OSS community has created some drivers for Nvidia called Nouveau drivers. I can not even spell it let alone understand it.  But here are my thoughts. If you are installing a new clean system, as you should every now and again, then leave the Nouveau drivers alone until you are happy with your efforts. Backup the system and key files and then activate the Nvidia drivers. It will either work really well or bork.

Scenario 1:- Shiny new installation and everything is sweet!


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