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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First thoughts of LMDE.

It is fast, very fast. It is compatible with all I have so far. When my mouse goes to the top left corner, on purpose or by accident my windows are not tiled. I have a status bar.

There are two major things I have noticed on 64bit.

1. USB 3.0 transfers at 85MB per second. This does not work properly in Mint 12 or Ubuntu.

2. I attached my USB 3.0 backup device with 2 partitions. 1 open and one LUKS encrypted.

LMDE simply asked for the password and I could access the drive. The crypt libraries are installed at run time. Great.

I have now tested Virtual box running Mac Lion and Windows 7 64 bit and all is well so far.

There are a few more critical apps to test such as Skype but I am feeling more comfortable with jumping now.

After testing I will reinstall using a two form factor encryption routine. You will not be able to start my workstation without a USB key with the correct encryption file obfuscated in some MP3's. I am also considering creating a working Ubuntu system as a decoy.

I have been doing a few PEN tests and other network security tests and in my company I can easily jump to the X-Force team so understanding security and encryption is important to me.

My work system is a Thinkpad W510 with 16GB of memory and 8 cores. It runs 32 bit Ubuntu 11.04 and it is awesome. It has crashed before but so few times that it is insignificant. I can run 3 Domino servers as partitions, the Notes client, 30 tabs in Chromium, 20 in Firefox, 10 to 2 open documents in Libre, a few open in Symphony, some PDF's, yEd, Virtualbox with Windows 7, Mac Lion, Backtrack and Windows Server 2008 Sp2 concurrently and my CPU ticks over. Superb stuff.

Mark may be pushing Ubuntu and Unity into the consumer market by "simplifying" it but the real users of Linux need the complexity but flexibility of Linux to do real work. I think LMDE is the answer. My opinion only of course.


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