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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Time for some real work

For a long time I neglected my launchpad ID. I was a bit silly as I used my corporate ID to create the first few pages and earned many karma points but in this day and age allegiance to ones place of business is fleeting. There are no such thing as a job for life anymore so I recreated my id with my Google id. Then things overtook me and at one stage I declared that Linux was simply a distraction from my real job and I moved back to Windows.

This only lasted till a message about not authentic was displayed and I reinstalled and rediscovered the joys of Ubuntu.

This is 2011 and by the end of the year I will be leading all Ubuntu efforts in this region. I will ruffle many feathers and will be less popular but that is ok. The local team in Malaysia is very nice but of course it is a local team so everyone communicates in Bahasa. Great if you speak Bahasa but not so useful if you do not.

I am in a real position of power here and I must use this position while it is available. My view is, and many have heard this before and now simply ignores it, that this is the year of the Ubuntu desktop. Ubuntu is fast forking away from mainstream user unfriendly Linux and with the onset of Wayland I will also jump on the bandwagon.

Here is what I plan for 2011:

  • Code or at least code idea submissions to launchpad
  • A new loco group for ASEAN including Malaysia
  • A more active community
  • Lot's and lot's of events, formal and informal
  • Platform speaking about the virtues of Ubuntu in the corporate world
  • Plans for  commercializing Ubuntu. Ok, an Ubuntu Store. It WILL be done this year
  • Lot's more awareness of where embedded linux is used.
  • More posts here on how to make Ubuntu work for you
It is still the second day of the new year so give me some time but I will be taking this bull by the horns this year.

Wish me luck!


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