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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Reinstalling using multiple partitions

Ok, so I am back at work but it is a slow day and I am not ready for anything else yet anyway. Over the weekend I reinstalled my primary disk with Ultimate Edition 2.8 and then used Swap and Home encryption to unlock my existing drive. All seemed ok but after the second reboot I could not get a system booted. It just sat there at setting LM Sensors and would not budge. I used CTL ALT F1 to logon as myself and then used the following command to start a second X screen.

startx -- :1

To check the system I started a command prompt and then issued:

sudo -i

I then entered the following commands to debug what went wrong:

gparted &

gnome-system-log &

Nautilus &

I removed my encrypted disk entries from PAM and FSTAB and rebooted and rebooted and rebooted. Aii joooo.

I also removed the encrypted disk, removed LM Sensors, installed the text Plymouth screen etc etc.

Needles to say it all failed so here I am at the office having now reinstalled a fresh system. I also decided to go and buy a shiny new Samsung 640Gb disk that I will run in my caddy as SDB. While thinking about encryption et al and remapping /home I thought I would go all out and do a manual partitioning mapping /opt /var /home, etc, to separate logical drives. What the heck, if I do not play I do not learn.

Here is my current partitioning scheme.

It all seems ok. I will update the usage as I install my system and then add the IBM Layer.

This is a shiny system so I will take a few snapshots and perhaps a video. The beauty of Ultimate Edition is that most tools are already installed so they just work. Cheers The Man!

The I*B*M network in Kuala Lumpur truly sucks and my 4MB streamyx link is much faster. It is even lunch time now so the speed should be good but it is like treacle.

As my Sergeant Major used to say while chasing us everywhere. "hurry up and wait"

Here is a screen cast done with Istanbul Desktop Session Recorder


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