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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Moving Lotus Domino Blogsphere to Open Source Wordpress - Part 1

A few years ago the Blogosphere was new and exciting and a perfect platform for ranting, venting and dissemination some information. In most cases running a nice blog payed dividends especially if you had a relevant technology blog and even better if your blog was on the technology you were promoting.

In the yellowverse you had four primary options.

  • DIY - based on existing methods or your amazing talent
  • One of the many enthusiast developer templates
  • Steve Castledine's DX blog
  • Declan Lynch's BlogShpere blog

My choice was Declan's blog template and it is still the choice of many. This was partly due to the work I did With Christian Brandlehner on the picture blog that was then incorporated into BlogSphere. Those were incredible times and our platform of choice seemed unstoppable. (rant removed) The primary difference between Declan's blog and Steve's blog is that with the DX blog you have the choice of a drill down page but as with Ed's blog your main page is what is displayed and the hard link displays the main content and comments as with all mainstream blogs. I prefer having a summary page and once you click on the hard link you get the rest of the blog post. I prefer this as I do not always complete the complete page until later so folks do not notice the half job. Shame on me. I know this will come back to bite me in this process but this is a learning process and although my head is full of stuff and new stuff will push out old stuff I am ready for some excitement again. Let's migrate.

Here we are then. Time to make some choices. Do you simply retire your old blog full of very cool stuff or move platforms. If you move then where to or more importantly what to? Emotions aside this blog page is about moving your Domino Blogshere database to Wordpress. It came about after CuriousMitch posted an article on migrating from BlogSphere to Wordpress. Very timely indeed!

This Wordpress implementation is Linux and more specifically Ultimate Edition 2.8 (64 Bit) based on Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat 10.10.

I am going to use Uncle Google to this install and I am writing up as I progress so there are bound to be issues. I will add the reference web sites to each section to give credit where credit is due but seeing this is my blog I will alter it the way I want to remember it. If I did not acknowledge your work then apologies and Kudos to you!

I did install Wordpress via Synaptic Package Manager but it failed to start so I though I would try again and do it properly. I found a nice reference site at the TechnologyCrowd :  and have transcribed the process. All the features can be installed using Synaptic but it is good to have the equivalent command line info.

Install Apache 2
sudo apt-get install apache2
Install MySQL
sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.0
Install PHP5
sudo apt-get install php5
Install the PHP MySQL module
sudo apt-get install php5-mysql
Install Webmin prerequisites
sudo apt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl
Issue 1.
You need to install Libmd5-perl otherwise Webmin will barf but there seems to be a problem so here is Uncle Google's answer.
wget sudo dpkg -i libmd5-perl_2.03-1_all.deb
Now install Webmin 1.441


Sudo dpkg -i webmin_1.441_all.deb
You can also upgrade to Webmin 1.520

Get all the prerequisites

sudo apt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl

You may get this error message.

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of webmin: webmin depends on apt-show-versions; however: Package apt-show-versions is not installed.

Just force apt-get

sudo apt-get install -f

This should be you output

Webmin install complete. You can now login to https://raydUE1010:10000/
as root with your root password, or as any user who can use sudo
to run commands as root.

An option is to set a static ipaddess but in this test scenario it does not matter.

Now comes the fun part.

Install Wordpress using Synaptic. Please remember the MySQL password!

Download Wordpress here:

Copy the tar file to var/www and extract. You need SU for that.

Here is a tip. 

Start a command prompt and type the following:

sudo -i

then type

nautilus &

Use this root version of the file manager to copy stuff.

Now type

Simples hey!

I wrote this blog post with trepidation. I bit my tongue or rather my writing finger. 


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