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Friday, 8 January 2010

So my shift key in Ubuntu no longer works!

What a morning with Ubuntu. Firstly Lotus Notes had a hissy fit so I could not cut or paste. I then decided to do an update and saw the new kernel being download. Rebooted all ok, signed in ok but then could not access anything. Every password I entered was wrong apparently.

After a quick check the shift key did not work and when you have. "V" in your password you have a problem!

Ever try to add a user or change the keyboard etc without your password? Not easy at all!

After a frustrating hour or so I decided to deactivate compiz as I remembered compiz had some issues and would you believe it but the problem was fixed! If I activate compiz my upper case letters and special characters are missing again.

Next steps are to figure out what in compiz died! Just another daily challenge to solve. Fun fun fun!

Ok so I figured it out by process of elimination. I removed .compiz using sudo -i and then nautilus &. That did not work. I then restored it and started switching each module off in compiz. Being me I started at the end and worked backwards and the culprit was the first entry of course. It was commands and randr. Other folks have reported the water effects module.

All back to normal now as far as normal can be defined.

Here is a picture of my desktop. ;-)


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