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Thursday, 12 March 2015

10 Useful Bootstrap Editors To Build Responsive Websites

10 Useful Bootstrap Editors To Build Responsive Websites:

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Each editor is different but all of them feature some drag and drop facility through a huge library of components.   

Friday, October 31, 2014:  Bootstrap is hugely used in responsive web development and that's why we need Bootstrap editors to drag all the Boostrap components into a canvas. These editors and builders make prototyping, testing and building responsive websites easier. Each editor is different but all of them feature some drag and drop facility through a huge library of components. Here is a list of 10 best Bootstrap editors for building responsive websites.
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1. Bootply

Bootply is a playground for Bootstrap which is not only an editor and builder but is a repository to extensive codes too. It enables dragging and dropping Bootstrap components and then edits the code. It's integrated with popular Bootstrap plug-ins, micro-libraries and frameworks.

2. Jetstrap

It's a web-based JavaScript library which allows building rapid prototypes and applications with Bootstrap. It's very simple to use and has a powerful interface with drag-and-drop functionality. It allows dropping elements, customising them and see a live preview while the entire code is completely formatted. Multiple device emulators are tested within the workspace and it can export code easily to run the website faster.

3. Bootstrap Magic

It's one of the most useful editors which helps generate own Bootstrap theme by providing live previews. It reduces developers' work burden and increases efficiency. It uses Angular JS and the recent Bootstrap 3 too to give live preview of all actions.


Brix is an online Bootstrap builder which is quite powerful and sleek looking too. It enables creation of responsive interfaces and websites faster than ever. Brix provides smooth and well-formatted HTML, CSS and JS with any hosting service and with this editor you can also create projects as editing and commenting become easy with this builder.

5. Divshot

It allows fast front end development and it works with most popular frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation and Ratchet. It has several component libraries which are completely customised for each framework and the visual HTML editor supports custom code, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, LESS and more. The theme switcher is also very useful.

6. BootSwatchr

If you're at the initial stage of building a website or you want to change a website's theme then the best editor for you is BootSwatchr because it's highly customisable. You can do anything as you wish with your website.

7. Pinegrow

This is a desktop app used in Mac, Windows and Linux systems. With Pinegrow developers can mockup and design web pages with multi-page editing, CSS and LESS styling. It also features smart components for Bootstrap, Foundation and other frameworks. This tool saves all your efforts and time too.

8. Kickstrap

It's a free editor and a front-end framework which comes bundled with Bootstrap library. You can choose which CSS and JS components you want to use in website development and keep the framework's layers updated. It doesn't require any installation as it's out of the box and you can put it directly on your server.

9. Bootstrap Live Editor

It helps you customise HTML based website through snippets and contents. It also allows perform advanced customisations like button configuration and localisation.

10. LayouIt

It's very simple and effective interface builder to make front end coding easier. You can use its base templates and drag and drop Bootstrap elements onto the canvas. Then download the HTML and add your own styling to integrate it with any programming language. 


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