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Friday, 12 September 2014

10 Most Important Facts About Linux Mint 17

10 Most Important Facts About Linux Mint 17:

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10 Most Important Facts About Linux Mint 17   
Linux Mint 17 offers compatibility with interesting hardware platforms and here are 10 facts which you need to know about Linux Mint 17.  

Friday, September 12, 2014:  Linus Mint 17 is one of the most important desktop-focused releases for Linux, which is more mature than its previous versions. Everyone can be pleased with this version. If you deploy Cinnamon on Linux Mint 17, you'll simply love your desktop environment. Linux Mint 17 offers more compatibility with interesting hardware platforms and here are 10 facts which you need to know about Linux Mint 17.
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1. Long-term support: 

Based on Ubuntu Linux Mint 17 follows Canonical’s schedule of two releases per year. Linux Mint 17 offers five-year support, following a suit by Ubuntu.

2. Lots of user interfaces to choose from: 

There are lots of user interfaces in Linux Mint 17, including Gnome-branch Cinnamon and the lightweight Xfce version. There’s also a version of Linux Mint 17 which is based on Debian Linux (LMDE), other than Ubuntu. This version uses rolling updates. But the most recommended one is Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon version.

3. Cinnamon is the best choice: 

Cinnamon has lots of reasons to become so famous in such a little time. It supports multimedia, iit has the most logical user interface interactions and it has lots of compatibility features. It competes well with Canonical’s Unity UI, with utmost perfection.

4. 32-bit or 64-bit versions: 

You can download these UIs in either 32- or 64-bit versions. It means you can run Mint on an old, 32-bit computer too.

5. ARM-based tablets not compatible: 

Mint can be run only on Intel CPUs. So no ARM-based tablets for Linux Mint 17.

6. Ubuntu’s Unity user interface not compatible: 

There are lots of controversies about Ubuntu’s Unity interface. Ubuntu fans rebelled against the new interface but Mint users have lots of choices if they are to select Uis. Unity is definitely not one of them.

7. EFI booting and GUID disk partition tables: 

Cinammon (2.0) and Mate (1.8) versionsprovide support to EFI booting and GUID disk partition tables. These have already worked well on all of the desktop hardware and VMs which have got tested. But using EFI boot is a move towards one direction and it cannot be reversed without a firmware re-flash, as is the case with other operating systems.

8. Cloud synch lacking: 

If you want cloud sync then you have go three years back to Linux Mint release. Vensors like Box or Dropbox are needed to save the day on Mint as this version is somehow quite frustrating in this case from the user-end.

9. Open ecosystem: 

Microsoft can’t read Apple’s HPFS+ files and Apple refuses to write NTFS on its own. But Linux Mint can both read and write, and that too in a hassle-free way. Most media formats can be read on Linux Mint 17 which come with an Office app. This app reads and writes Microsoft Office files.

10. Updates: 

There are updated versions of Firefox browser and Thunderbird mail on Mint 17 and both of these versions allow synchronization across desktops.

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