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Thursday, 7 August 2014

7 Free And Open-Source Web Hosting Control Panels For Linux

7 Free And Open-Source Web Hosting Control Panels For Linux:

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7 Free And Open-Source Web Hosting Control Panels For Linux   
Cut the cost of your Web hosting by using these free and open source Web Hosting Control Panels!  
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Tuesday, October 01, 2013:  With the high cost of today's popular web hosting control panels like cPanel and Plesk, many people seek open-source alternatives. These control panels being open-source can be modified and tailored to your specific needs. Many of them also have comparable features to their proprietary counterparts. Below is a list of 7 best open-source web hosting control panels:
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1. ISPConfig: One of the most popular hosting panels for Linux. Has the most features and great community support. Runs on most major Linux distributions, including: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and OpenSuSE.

2. Kloxo : A fully featured project that is actively maintained. It's noted for it's sleek interface. Only runs on CentOS or RHEL.

3. OpenPanel : An actively maintained project for Linux, packed full of features. Has a great looking and easy to navigate interface. Also has a CLI, which can do most things the web interface can.

4. ZPanel : A maintained project with plenty of features. The only one in this list that is designed for Linux and Windows.

5. GNUPanel : An active project with many features. Even though the name implies it is a member of the GNU Project, it currently is not. However, that is one of the goals of GNUPanel. To help them achieve this goal, please visit their homepage and contribute with a donation.

6. EHCP : Easy Hosting Control Panel is also an actively maintained project. It runs on Debian or Debian based distros (such as Ubuntu).

7. GPLHost DTC : A well featured project that has some interesting features. The interface could use some design updates.

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