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Monday, 6 January 2014

Download | LiveUSB Install

The best Linux Mint 16 USB boot disk creator ever. Mint 16 with a persistent file works very well and is exceptionally useful.

Download | LiveUSB Install:

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LiveUSB Install is a free software for GNU/Linux and Windows.
With LiveUSB Install you can effortlessly install various Linux distributions on your thumbdrive.
This way, you can always carry your favourite distro in your pocket – on your bootable thumb drive!
  • install hundreds of Linux distributions – full listing
  • automatically download distributions from Internet – no need to download the ISO-image yourself!
  • multiplatform – runs on Linux AND Windows
  • created entirely with Free Software tools – Python, GTK, GIMP, Inkscape
  • create “persistent” installs of Ubuntu and Debian-based distributions (so your documents are not lost after you reboot the thumb drive)
  • can format flash drives bigger than 32GB


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