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Monday, 17 June 2013

Installing Picasa 3.9 in Linux Mint 15 Olivia 64 bit

Picasa is a very useful photo management tool. Sure they are Linux specific editors but I prefer Picasa for my general photo management services.

The default version in the repositories is version 3.0. It works OK but 3.9 is better.

Uninstall Picasa 3 first.

sudo apt-get remove picasa

Now install Wine and Winetricks

sudo apt-get install wine winetricks

Now download Picasa 3.9 from Google.

cd ~/ && wget

For 64 bit systems do the following

WINEARCH=win32 winecfg

Now install Picasa 3.9

wine ~/picasa39-setup.exe

Install ie6 to allow oath signon

WINEARCH=win32 winetricks -q ie6

IE6 was already installed in my copy of Wine but did not start properly so I decided to just install IE7.

 WINEARCH=win32 winetricks -q ie7

Click on the sign in with Google button

You should see the Google sigin screen if IE 6 or 7 worked properly.

Of course you are using two form factor authentication for all Google products. If not the word "dumbass" comes to mind. Once your Google account is hacked you will realize how important it has become.

OK, signed in ok. My screen just sat there for a while so I closed Picasa and signed on again. All good this time.

The Google uploader working.


  1. Hi, I did everything you described, and got all the way through the Picasa installation process, however, it will not run for me :o(. total Linux newbie here, can you help, please?

  2. Hi, total Linux newbie here. I got as far as clicking all the way through the Picasa process (and also installed internet explorer) but Picasa does not run for me. I am using Linux Crunchbang, not Mint, could that be the problem? Any advise appreciated, many thanks

  3. Hi, total Linux newbie here. I followed your instructions (thank you very much!!!) and was able to click all the way through the Picasa process (also able to install Windows 7, as in your case Windows 6 did not start for me). However, Picasa does not run for me :o( Any advice appreciated, thank you very much

  4. Great. Thanks. It works with IE7, but it doesn't work with IE6 for me. Moreover, I had to enable cookies in IE.

  5. It works perfectly in my debian testing! Thanks

  6. Hi, works with IE7. First login window appear. But I can't login with two form factor authentication in the second window. Any idea

  7. This worked like a charm under Mint 15, but I can't get ot to work under Mint 17.
    Anyone else did?


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