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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Argghh, installing Lotus Notes (Hugo) 9 in Mint 15 64 bit

Lotus what? Huh, people still use that ancient stuff? 

How to explain this??? I know!!!

Lotus Notes is IBM's Hugo (Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror VII - The Thing and I). It is the child they love to speak about but they lock him up in the attic. He seems to have moments of brilliance but he is quirky and weird. Everyone always asks about hugo and they always get a "he's doing well, thanks for asking" answer.

Now that I am an ex IBMer I can confirm that Hugo, although very capable, now that he has grown up, is now being tied up, gagged, and tortured near to death by his owners. He is no longer wanted, nor required and he will receive no further love from Steve Mills.

As a failed Lotus Notes custodian I can see the odd sporadic fire fight but the battle is truly over but for a few yellow blooders continuing the struggle. This is a deceased parrot.

That said, there is very little Lotus Notes can not do. It is an amazing product stuck with a windows legacy and bad parents. As I am returning to roots I will act as a BP and dust off my previous Notes databases. To do that I have to install Hugo on my Mint 15 system. This is a challenge as Lotus IBM Notes is not 64 bit and never will be. It also does not have an admin client or designer and never will so another bummer.

In part 1 I will show how to install the Notes client. Part 2 will attempt and install the Windows Admin Designer client using Wine or Cross over office. If not I will install in a Virtual box. Part 3 will be the Domino server with Traveler.

Here are the steps required:

Install the ia32 runtime libraries for the ia32/i386 architecture

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Install some additional files

sudo apt-get install libgnomeprintui2.2-0 ttf-xfree86-nonfree t1-xfree86-nonfree

Install getlibs by cappy to help APT sort itself out 

As the file has disappeared I have uploaded a copy to my Google drive and dropbox. One option is to download the file and double click to install.

wget -N

sudo dpkg -i getlibs-all-deb.deb

Now use getlibs to install the following 32 bit libraries 

sudo getlibs -p libgnomeprintui2.2-0 libgnomeprint2.2-0 libgnomevfs2-0 libgnomeui-0 libxkbfile1 libstartup-notification0 libsepol1 libselinux1 libgsf-1-114 libgsf-1-dev librsvg2-2 librsvg2-common libavahi-client3 libavahi-common3 libavahi-glib1 libbonoboui2-0 libcroco3 libdbus-1-3 libdbus-glib-1-2 libgnome2-0 libgnomecanvas2-0 libgnome-keyring0 libgnome-menu2 libesd0 gtk2-engines libgnome-desktop-2-17 libmotif4 libavahi-glib1 gtk2-engines-oxygen gtk2-engines-qtcurve gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-equinox alsa-base alsa-utils iproute libgnome-desktop-3-2 liborbit2 libbonobo2-0 libgconf2-4 libx11-6 libxt6 libc6 libgcc1 libgtk2.0-0 libxkbfile1 libglib2.0-0 libstdc++6 bash libart-2.0-2 libpopt0 libgnomeui-0 libmotif3 libgnome-desktop-3-0 gtk2-engines-aurora libxext6 libgnome2-common gnome-keyring

Alter the dependency control file

The next one is tricky. You need to remove the dependencies from the control file. You can use my script but make a backup of ibm-notes-9.0.i586 if you are not comfortable running the script.

Copy NOTES_9.0_LINUX_DI_EN.tar somewhere and extract. Go to the extracted directory

Create a .sh file called by copying the following into medit

mkdir "$P"
cd "$P"
ar x "../$P.deb"
mkdir DEBIAN
tar xf data.tar.gz
tar xf control.tar.gz -C DEBIAN
cat control | sed -re "s/^(Pre\-Depends|Depends|Recommends|Conflicts|Replaces):\s*.*$/\1:/" > control-mod
mv control-mod control
cd ..
rm control.tar.gz
rm data.tar.gz
rm debian-binary
cd ..
sudo dpkg-deb -b "$P"
rm -rf "$P"

Install Hugo

sudo dpkg -i ibm-notes-9.0.i586.deb
sudo dpkg -i ibm-activities-9.0.i586.deb

sudo dpkg -i ibm-cae-9.0.i586.deb
sudo dpkg -i ibm-feedreader-9.0.i586.deb
sudo dpkg -i ibm-opensocial-9.0.i586.deb
sudo dpkg -i ibm-sametime-9.0.i586.deb

Attachments fix

sudo mv /opt/ibm/notes/openwith /opt/ibm/notes/openwith.bak

sudo ln -s $(which gnome-open) /opt/ibm/notes/openwith

Create some symbolic links for the files in lib32

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /lib32/i386-linux-gnu/ /opt/ibm/notes/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/gtk-2.0/modules/ /opt/ibm/notes/

Install some additional files

sudo apt-get install git libgtk2.0-dev g++-multilib

sudo apt-get install xterm

And that should do it.

$ /opt/ibm/notes/framework/../notes %F



  1. Great characterization of IBM Hugo!! :) Long live Hugo!

  2. Great works ! Thanks !


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