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Monday, 27 August 2012

Bluetooth tethering with blackberry in Linux Mint 13

This used to work for me but at the moment it does not. My BB seems ok but simply does not allow DUN to connect.

Here is what needs to be done anyway.

The default name for bluetooth in Mint is mint-0.

You would think that /etc/bluetooth/main.conf would be the place to make the change.


# List of plugins that should not be loaded on bluetoothd startup
#DisablePlugins = network,input

# Default adaper name
# %h - substituted for hostname
# %d - substituted for adapter id
Name = raymintytooth

Nope, it is in /var/lib/bluetooth/78:DD:08:A4:E5:64/config (replace 78:DD... with your mac


Install blueman from synaptic.

Much better!



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