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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wakey Wakey, this blog is still active! I have been on Lisa Mint for a while now and have installed a new fresh copy on a new machine. I have also installed Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) on a partition and I rather like it. I may just jump away from the mighty Ubuntu as they implode with Unity. Unity my ass.

Mint gave me back my status bar and I am forever thankful for that. I am getting used to the new menus but it still takes ages to find stuff. It is all fine and well hiding the clutter but now I have to remember the program names. That sucks but anyhoooo.

Let me start a quick series on a new install of LMDE as I am pretty sure I am going to run with it. I need to test a few critical apps and if they work then I will jump.

OK, Here we go... Three, two, one, zero... or san, er, yi, ling... or drie, twee, een, nul... or trois, deux, un, zero...  or drei, zwei, eins, null...

Ahhhh, procrastination!


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