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Monday, 28 December 2009

Installing IBM Smart something something, arghh, OCDC

Did you know IBM is a major contributor to Linux and opensource?

Did you know that IBM has a number of internal Linux desktops that any IBMer can install? This desktop is available externally as the (I am sorry - It pains me and all other IBMers to use the new name for the Open Collaboration Debian Client - OCDC to it's new Lawyer friendly IBM market speak name) IBM Client for Smart Work (ICSW) :-( What's in a name they say? A heck of a lot if you ask me!

One of the most popular Linux based desktops in IBM is based on the Debian tree using the Ubuntu distribution.

What is very cool about this IBM desktop is that we use a "layered" approach to installing IBM specific software and security processes. That means you can pick up almost any Ubuntu Distro and then just apply the IBM Layer of your choice. I will do a quick dump of how to install the IBM Layer on to my favourite distribution, the Ultimate Edition 2.5.

The Ultimate Edition is a customised version of Ubuntu 9.10 with added software and lots of tweaks. As a techy it is invaluable and of course it has lots of eye candy!

I will publish a few posts today as I install this Thnikpad with all the latest good stuff!

Prepare to be amazed!


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